Day 44/353

"My" desk in the MFA Studio
“My” desk in the MFA Studio.

Once more late for school, once more running after squirrels in the cemetery. As time passes, every day is becoming a day like any other.

I’m glad to have kind of settled but I miss the excitement of being new to everything, of getting lost. Now it’s time to sit and work… Or not!

I have some plans for projects that involve a lot traveling and re-discovering, and I have already started to work on a new clock-map for a Nottingham Empirigraphy series.

In the meantime, I keep feeding my Treasure hunt project and experimenting.

Random plaster fragmentsNottingham PigeonNottingham PigeonChoosing and keeping chickens

Last week I found a vegan shop relatively close to the university. I went there to buy meat remplacements like steak and sausages made from soybeans and other grains. Now that I can cook more, I will also try to cook better.

A sandwichPasta, lentils, some cheese and tomatoesVegetarian sausages and yellow lentilsRice and vegetablesFrench crepes and strawberry jam

On Friday we went to Bestwood Country Park with the MA Photography students. Going away from the city for once was literally a breath of fresh air.

Into the woodsA holly bushA poneyLandscapeAutumn SightLichenAmanita MuscariaSnail Shell
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5 years ago

I want to play with you at the Treasure hunt