Day 115/353 (Winter Break 2/3)

Fahrräder abstellen verboten
The sign says “Bicycles are not allowed to be parked”.

The journey from Vittel to Strasbourg was a long one, but the landscape of the eastern border of France was worth seeing. We officially reached Germany on the Bridge of Europe but we only realized it after seeing a « Polizei » car. It didn’t take much more time to get to our first destination, Karlsruhe, as the german highways don’t have any speed limitations.

I was so excited to be in Germany that I didn’t think about looking for a place to sleep, which was a real pain because of Christmas Day.

Luckily, we found one late in the night after eating a vegetarian pizza.

A saw mill on the road to StrasbourgWomen-only parking space In the streets of Karlsruhe Nymphengarten

The next morning, we drove to the beautiful Heidelberg, on the river Neckar, and visited its castle.

Heidelberg Rock fountain Salamander doorknob Heidelberg castle Deutschen Apotheken Museum View of Heidelberg from the castle

We spent the night a few kilometers away in Mannheim where we also tasted some delightful Turkish pastry.

Wasserturm Hotel Der Mannheimer Wasserturm

On December 27th, we decided to go back to France, after a quick stop at Saarbrücken.

Deutsch-Französischen Garten
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