Day 353/353

Benou in the train
Benou is saying farewell to Nottingham.

I left Nottingham on August 3rd carrying two suitcases and a bag full of everything I could bring along. My little “adventure” in UK is over. I’m heading back to La Réunion.

MagikarpScribbling on the train

But before going back to the tropics, I’m enjoying what’s left of this month to visit pieces of France again — under the beautiful Summer sun this time.

Eiffel Tower from le Champ de MarsTroyesMusée de Soissons

These are also the last days of the foretaste of independence I was allowed for ten months. I’m moving back with mom and dad, retrieving my life and habits where I left them.

The French countrysideView of Le Tarne at MontaubanLe Tarn
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