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Day 353/353

Benou is saying farewell to Nottingham. I left Nottingham on August 3rd carrying two suitcases and a bag full of everything I could bring along. My little “adventure” in UK is over. I’m heading back to La Réunion. But before going back to the tropics, I’m enjoying what’s left of this month to visit pieces […]

Day 118/353 (Winter Break 3/3)

The Douaumont ossuary, built within the Verdun Battlefield. Back to France, we took a couple of days to visit Verdun, one of the main battlefields during the First World War. On the 28th we went to Gien, a city built around the Loire, which is the longest river in France. This is the kind of […]

Day 111/353 (Winter Break 1/3)

Your feet aren’t touching the actual ground, yet you see the landscape scroll on both sides. The bus travel from London to Paris was 10 hour long and included a ferry trip from the port of Dover in England to Calais in France. I arrived at Quai de Bercy around 6 on the morning exhausted […]