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Mini Naan Pizzas

Last month I came across a naan pizza recipe while looking for new ways to cook my boring potatoes. It looked very good and tasty yet quite fast and easy to make. I was also intrigued by the “naan bread” that I first confounded with pita Mellark. I went straight to the store looking for […]

Simple Potatoes Gratin

I love cooking au gratin because putting grated cheese everywhere just makes things smell, taste and look better to me. Potatoes gratin is my favorite and it’s perfect to face a cold winter day. Naturally, this is the first dish I cooked when the flat’s oven got repaired last month. Here are the ingredients I […]

Russian Salad

This variant of the original Russian salad is very popular in La Réunion.Cooking and eating it 9800km away from home is a good way for me to reduce homesickness. Potatoes Beetroot Red Onions Garlic Hard boiled eggs Balsamic vinegar Mayonnaise Use as many potatoes, beetroots and onions as you like but you shouldn’t put too […]