Day 92/353

Nottingham Vigil for Paris, Beirut & Baghdad on November 16th
Nottingham Vigil for Paris, Beirut and Baghdad on November 16th.

This is the beginning of winter. The sun goes down so early that I only have a few hours of sunlight per day, when the sun is not covered by rain clouds. It’s getting a bit colder and I saw snow for the first time and for a short time early in the morning of the 21st of November.

A tricycle in a treeThe cemetery exitThe Christmas MarketWe baked shortbread

I’m spending more time in the studio, maybe even the whole week. As Zoé and Emily are always there as well, we chat, play, eat and drink more than doing actual work. But having fun will make us live longer.

I bought some baby food for myselfA book I bought at a flea marketNational Videogame ArcadeStairs at the NVA

We are going to art exhibitions and openings as often as we can, especially when there are free drinks.

Bonnington was hosting In place of architecture and Photography Dialogues. The latter involved Architecture students from the University and offered the visitors to answer to it directly onto the walls with chalk.

We went to an opening in a gallery somewhere in the City Center (Lace Market Gallery I think) where there was free wine again and stuffed olives that apparently were delicious. We went to Rough Trade afterwards for a Drink & Draw event we over-expected. It would have been a disappointing night if we hadn’t ended up in The Rescue Room for more drinks and good music.

We didn’t get any free tapas from the opening event of the Hockley Arts Club, where everything was too expensive for the students we are and the only art-related content was the overall bourgeois atmosphere. At least that night we had fun swinging our double-bladed lightsabers in the streets and pubs.

Wine & flowersRemembrance day commemorationThe opening of an exhibitionDrink and DrawHockley Arts ClubZoé as a Sith lord Alien Encounerts (This is not an actual piece of the exhibition) Orange light at Primary

We organized a party in our studio and invited the MA Photography students and the MA Textile, Knitwear and Fashion Design with whom we share the floor. It was good to see our space so much populated.

We organized a party in the studioBalloon poopWine and balloonsBalloon overdoseThe party is over

In a few hours we are going to London.

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