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It’s About Time

Rye Attic gallery, during our opening event. Our second and last exhibition of the year was hosted by Rye Attic, a space opened a few months ago in New Basford, Nottingham. It is a bit remote from the city centre but nice looking, and it suited exactly our needs. We opened on the 18th of […]

The conversation isn’t over

“The Space” in Nottingham Contemporary where our exhibition was held. Last winter, Nottingham Contemporary presented the Monuments Should Not Be Trusted exhibition that explored “the golden years” of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia through the works of over 30 artists from this period and location. As part of the yearly Memory Project, now called […]

Oxygen in a can

Pollution is one of the major issues resulting from China’s accelerated growth, and last week, air pollution has reached the maximum level of alert set by the authorities, making it an even more imperative concern. In response to the rarefaction of “good quality” air, a new lucrative market has emerged, and through media and social […]

Sometimes I play Pokémon

Last week-end, I took part in a Pokémon Tournament at the National Videogame Arcade. It was the first time I attended this kind of event as there aren’t many of those in La Réunion, if not any at all. My first contact with the Pokémon universe was in 1999, when my parents bought me a […]

Do you understand art?

The Master of Fine Art students Headquarters. Last week somebody told me he doesn’t understand art, to which I replied I don’t either. Now that I am thinking back, I realize I wasn’t totally kidding. I have studied art for three years, got my bachelor’s degree and I am pursuing a two-years Master in Fine […]